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The DARIAH-ERIC Working Group “Lexical Resources” explores, assesses and recommends standard tools and methods for the creation, application and dissemination of born-digital and retro-digitized lexical resources (dictionaries, lexicons, thesauri, word lists etc.) as well as other, similar kinds of structured data (gazetteers, almanacs, encyclopaedias etc., while fostering, developing and publicizing digitally-enabled lexicographic research from a cross-disciplinary and transnational perspective.

The WG focuses on the application and explication of existing standards, both onomasiological (TMF, TBX and SKOS) and semasiological (LMF, TEI, and Ontolex); draws upon the expertise of various DARIAH partners who are active in this field; and collaborates with relevant external projects and associations, such as the European Network of e-Lexicography (ENeL) and CLARIN.

The WG pursues a strong research-driven agenda on the diversity of European lexicographic heritage. In addition to investigating pan-European vocabularies and multiple dimensions of lexical borrowing, the working group evaluates current practices and formulate guidelines on data enrichment and mutual linking of existing electronic dictionaries in view of their common European heritage.